Austin Minerals Limited recently settled acquisition of the Wellington Project which is located circa 15kms to the south of the Boda discovery (Alkane Resources NL). By way of background, the Company announced on 11 March that it had has entered into a binding option agreement with Syndicate Minerals Pty Ltd to acquire the Wellington Project confirmed settlement on 21 July 2020. The exploration license application (formerly ELA5852) was granted to the Vendor as EL8971, and is now pending transfer to Austin Minerals Limited upon all normal statutory consents being received.

Austin Minerals Limited has identified a number of areas of interest for follow up. One of the key targets will be the significant 1.2km copper anomaly identified from historic works at the Wilunga Copper Prospect. The copper anomaly at Wilunga identified from soils, recorded coherent copper mineralisation over 1.2kms and peak values of 2,000ppm copper. The area has seen limited gold assaying in historic soil sampling and requires follow up work (refer Announcement 16 April 2020).


Historical Exploration

Austin Minerals Limited has collated and reviewed all historical exploration from the New South Wales DIGS online database. Exploration on the Wellington Project is detailed in historical exploration reports, annual reports and tenement relinquishment reports.

The Project has been explored by Placer Prospecting Australia (1967-1968), AMAX Exploration (1972-1974), Banlona Pty Ltd (Paradigm Gold) in 2014. The majority of the project area has been covered with regional scale stream sediment sampling. Assaying has primarily been for base metals (copper, lead and zinc) with limited precious metals (gold, silver) and very limited trace element geochemistry (Figure 2, below).